“Stuff the whaat?” Stuff the Bus!

It’s that time again, and in it’s 5th year, Communities In Schools of Seattle’s Stuff the Bus campaign is at full throttle. Stuff the Bus is a school supply campaign that gives any and all items donated through collection drives to schools serving the lowest income students in Seattle.

Communities In Schools of Seattle kicked off 2010‘s Stuff the Bus campaign at this year’s Pride Parade on June 27th. Backed by the beats of “High School Musical,” 18 volunteers danced the highly decorated–and yet still very stuff-able–school bus down the parade streets. The energy was high, colors were flying, and the voices were loud, all with the intent of drilling up excitement about this year’s Stuff the Bus campaign.

Staff and volunteers pose by the bus before the Pride Parade

Behind the rainbow colors and street dancing sits an important community-wide need that Stuff the Bus fills. Proper school supplies are a crucial element in a student’s learning process, and today families spend $60-100 per child to get them ready for the first day of school. This can be a serious hardship for families throughout the Seattle area, where about 40% of the district’s 45,000+ students live in poverty. Add in the $1000 that an average elementary school teacher spends out of pocket to provide supplies for his or her students, and the need for campaigns such as Stuff the Bus quickly becomes apparent.

Want to help Stuff the Bus? You can become a Community Partner and hold a school supply drive at your business, organization, sports club, church, etc. You can also become a volunteer at any of Stuff the Bus’s functions. Visit the seattle.ciswa.org for more information.

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