The evidence, the history, the research, all tells us what we need to do. The question is whether we have the courage to rebuild the system of public education in a way that is just and equitable for all students.

Rey Saldaña (President and CEO of CIS National)
Two Pacific Islander students make the shaka sign

Our National
Commitment to Equity

As part of the national network of Communities In Schools® (CIS™), Communities In Schools of Washington believes that transformative relationships are key to unlocking a student’s potential. We will succeed by including in our strategies, ingraining in our culture, and reflecting in our behaviors, principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a result, we break down immediate and systemic barriers to create and sustain equitable outcomes.  

Equity Statement
from Our Washington Affiliate Network

Children and youth deserve a caring community that empowers them to achieve their goals in the classroom and beyond. In order to do so, racism and other inequalities in our educational system and society must be acknowledged and addressed. The Communities In Schools of Washington network exists to build on student strengths and overcome systemic barriers through advocacy, partnerships and individualized social-emotional supports.

What Are the Issues Students Face?

Many of our students are facing multiple issues, which were exacerbated by the pandemic:

  • Poverty
  • Systemic racism
  • Lack of access to resources
  • Emotional trauma, and more

Three Ways to Make an Impact

Now more than ever, we must reimagine public education and find new ways to create equitable conditions for learning for ALL students, with students at the center, surrounded by a caring community with access to all necessary resources.

We’re calling on YOU to help us create equitable learning environments that benefit and support all students.