When Saif and Elaf immigrated to the U.S. in 2017, they had to learn English on top of completing schoolwork and navigating a new culture. CIS of Tacoma immediately connected them with an English tutor, and they soon began to flourish in school. With continued support from CIS, they graduated in spring of 2020.

Saif and Elaf are currently taking summer courses at community college. Saif aspires to be a dental hygienist, and Elaf plans to study computer science. To help the two on their post-secondary journeys, the state office partnered with CIS of Tacoma to provide them with new laptops.

“I needed to have a laptop for starting my college classes,” says Elaf. “I’m trying to start my English 101 class this summer, and this laptop will help my with a lot of work. Thank you so much, I’m so happy.”

Congrats to Saif, Elaf, and all of the students who worked hard to graduate in 2020! You did it!

Story provided courtesy of CIS of Tacoma.