CIS of the Blue Mountain Region launched services in Walla Walla Public Schools in school year 2021-22. In five elementary schools, they are working to address basic needs and empower students to feel social support at school and in the larger community.

Mrs. Hudiburg helped me get a mentor from the university. I did not have any friends at school and was really lonely. That made a big change in my life.

4th grade student Sharpstein Elementary

One student story comes from Sharpstein Elementary. A student in 4th grade was experiencing high levels of isolation at school and did not have any friends. Their CIS Student and Community Advocate, Angela Hudiburg, helped connect the student to a mentor from a local university. The student says, “That made a big change in my life,” and feels a deeper level of social support now.

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Photo does not represent actual student. Photographer credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.