When the pandemic closed school buildings in March 2020, Alyma was one of many students working hard to graduate on time. The Clover Park School District was able to provide her family with one laptop, and Alyma’s younger siblings used this for their schooling while she completed her own coursework on her phone.

With support from statewide technology partners, the state office, and CIS of Lakewood, Alyma received a brand new laptop. This device will allow her to attend virtual classes at Pierce College and focus on her post-secondary education.

Pierce has already announced that classes will be all online in 2020-2021, but Alyma says she won’t mind because she is “still the first in her family to go to college–even if it’s online!” Congratulations to Alyma for reaching this extraordinary milestone! We are looking forward to seeing what she and her fellow CIS seniors will accomplish as they enter higher education and the workforce.

Story provided courtesy of CIS of Lakewood.