CIS affiliates partner with their communities to bring resources directly to students in schools. We recognize that each community is different and that one size does not fit all. In their daily work, site coordinators help students and families to “connect the dots” between disparate community services. Here you can explore a range of community resources that affiliates may leverage to serve individual students, families, and communities.

Our state office exists to support the efforts of our local affiliates. In all areas of agency operations, we help build their capacity to do the life-changing work of serving students. Click here to learn more about our statewide work.

Our Services in Schools

School-based site coordinators empower students to stay in school through individualized access to needed resources, and ongoing encouragement and guidance to build confidence to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Connecting community volunteers with youth who may need additional academic tools and support.
Helping young people identify their vision for the future and providing motivation to overcome difficult circumstances.
Strengthening youths' sense of belonging, accomplishment, and value through service in their neighborhoods.
Ensuring students have equitable access to physical, dental, vision, and mental health services regardless of ability to pay.
Coordinating basic needs like food, healthcare, technology, and school supplies so students can be prepared to learn and engage in school.
Providing safe spaces for youth to learn and understand what the world has to offer and help inform their choices.
Ensuring that students have support and guidance to instill the confidence to succeed in school and in life.
Identifying and addressing the underlying causes of student behavior and helping students to make positive interpersonal choices.
Helping parents access the resources they need to provide a supportive home life for their children.