Nikki has been a part of the CIS network since 2017 when she took an AmeriCorps position with CIS of Spokane County after graduation. She has personally experienced the immense impact of the CIS model in her work as a Site Coordinator and is thrilled to continue to support the WA state network in empowering and advocating for students and their families. 

When she’s not working, Nikki enjoys traveling, hiking, writing, coaching a local high school equestrian team, and spending time with her people. She has lived in four countries outside of the US and worked with non-profit organizations in Thailand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, and South Africa. She is passionate about learning and enjoys getting to know new cultures and perspectives. 

Nikki was born and raised in Spokane where she lives today. She has undergraduate degrees in English and Peace Studies from Whitworth University and is nearly finished with her MA in Administration and Non-Profit Leadership.