One Caring Adult

Sometimes all it takes is one caring adult to make a difference.

When J.D. was referred to his Communities In Schools of Federal Way Site Coordinator at Kilo Middle School, he was skipping school; of the times that he was at school, he was getting in to fights with his classmates. Matias, his school’s site coordinator, sat him down and slowly J.D. began open up: his parents were getting a divorce, two members of his family had recently passed away, and his grandmother was on her deathbed.

Naturally, J.D. felt overwhelmed by all of the changes happening in his life all at once.

Naturally, J.D. felt overwhelmed by all of the changes happening in his life all at once. It was easier for him to stay at home and not have to worry about school on top of everything. To make matters more difficult, his mom was out the door for work early in the morning so he didn’t have someone at home pushing him to come to school.

Matias immediately got J.D. connected to Kilo’s after-school homework club to help him get caught up in his classes. He was also referred to a school counselor, who has helped him understand what he is feeling and going through. As Matias and J.D. get to know each other better, J.D. now feels comfortable regularly coming into the CIS office to check on his grades, talk about how he is doing, and planning his next steps. The school is working on getting an anger management class during the school day for him to join and he has been practicing a new breathing technique to help him calm down.

“Since being connected to these services, his behavior has gotten a bit better,” Matias shared. “He has not come into the office for being in trouble near as much and now he spends most of his time in class rather than the office. After using the breathing technique and talking with someone, he has been able to look at his own actions and even apologize.”

Since being connected to a site coordinator, both of J.D. parents have better contact and relationships with a few key staff members at the school. Much of their stress has been relieved and they are feeling positive about J.D. progress. He has begun coming to school of his own volition and staff members have noticed he is being more respectful toward teachers and classmates, feeling heard at the school now.

J.D.’s plans for the future include raising all his grades to at least meeting standard and in his stronger classes to exceeding standard. To make sure that happens, he will be going to homework club at least three times per week. He is working toward being able to control his anger without help in the future and he has been using his breathing technique, making progress with only a few reminders.