Corby currently serves as the Global Marketing and Communications Director at Denali Advanced Integration and has found her home at this family-owned, phenomenal growth company based in Redmond.

Corby comes from a family of educators, has a passion for our mission, and brings a depth and breadth of corporate marketing/branding experience to our board.

She grew up in Michigan, moved to Oregon, and set her roots on the Eastside of Seattle 20 years ago.

Corby has led marketing and communications for 30 years as an executive at some of the best brands in the world. Her Fortune 100 experience made way for her immense zeal for giving to underserved families and children. In both her personal and professional roles, she has mentored, funded and donated time and expertise to Boys and Girls Clubs of Washington, Girls, Inc., and the Children’s Cancer Association of Oregon, to name a few.

Her communications expertise was honed at General Motors, Nike, J.P. Morgan Chase, T-Mobile, Coca-Cola and Dragonchain, a Disney tech start-up. Family molded Corby into a mom whose core principles of Kindness, Integrity and Inclusion are traits that also comprise her son and daughter. Her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is loving and sweet, too. Her philosophy is simple. Choose happiness and put others first. When you face roadblocks, ask for help. Humanity will step in when you need it most.