Headshot of Brandon McCraw

Brandon is a Senior Consultant with over 16 years of experience in designing and delivering both integrated business and information technology solutions for retail, information technology, supply chain, telecommunications and aerospace teams through skillful collaboration, facilitation and customer engagement. Experienced leader managing complex projects and portfolios in an agile environment by using data driven insights. Passionate about customer success and building long-term relationships.

“Education and knowledge gained during primary and high school provide a key foundation for our society. It is easy for a small obstacle or roadblock to impede a student’s path to success. I love CIS’s ability to remove those obstacles and roadblocks so that students are able to learn and gain critical skills for future success. Working with CIS lets me maximize the good my network can do,” McGraw says.

Brandon grew up in Snyder, Texas, and currently lives in Covington, Washington. When not at work, Brandon can be found spending time with his wife, Nancy, and introducing his daughter, Evelyn to all the wonderful things and places in the world. He and his family enjoy hiking, touring museums, playing sports, or any other fun activity.