Anne offers CISWA an excellent mix of time, treasure and talent with some diverse professional background that complements our board composition.  Anne serves as a lobbyist in her role at Physicians Insurance, a physician-owned and managed insurance company that insures and represents physicians and hospitals. She comes to us via an intro from our very own Erin. Anne previously served with Erin on the board of Cancer Pathways, plus two other non-profit boards that hired Erin as a staff member, Enterprise Washington (member of our Executive Committee and then Board Chair) and Business Institute of Washington.

Anne loves our CIS mission and sees CISWA playing an important role in engaging kids. In her profession, she sees hope for young people who might find an interest in jobs within the medical/care fields, especially non-professional/vocational options. She’s “All In” as a model for supporting kids, having done some deep mentoring to young people to help them navigate and succeed through challenges.