Community Partners

The Communities In Schools of Washington network collaborates with 496 social service agencies, local businesses, health care providers, service clubs, parent groups and other community organizations to help students stay in school.

Through our model of site coordination, we connect our partners to schools that need the services they offer and facilitate the delivery of these services to the students who need them most. By bringing the community into the school, students and their families have access to multiple resources in one place, making the school the hub of support. In the 2017-18 school year, 1,494 volunteers contributed over 56,200 hours of service to address student needs.

Special Recognition To:

AmeriCorpsWA_logo smallOur partnership with Serve Washington funded 16 AmeriCorps members during the 2017-18 school year. These men and women help support the delivery of Integrated Student Supports in schools across the state and help our most vulnerable students access the resources they need to stay in school. For more information on how to become a CIS of Washington AmeriCorps member, click here.


Learn more about specific service partners in each community by visiting the websites of our individual affiliates. Click on the tab in the upper right corner of this page for a list, or click on the affiliate locations at the bottom.